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LS turbo Sileighty

In Drag by fullboost

Harris’ Nissan 180SX Sileighty now features LS turbo power. The S13 puts the power down through a Tremec 6-speed manual gearbox. 1989 Nissan 180SX Sileighty GM L77 6L V8 engine GM Motorsport …

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20B Mazda RX-8 rally car

In Circuit by fullboost

Markus Van Klink has debuted last year and has been developing an incredible Mazda RX8 unit, specially built for rallying. It has been seeing some time in RallySprint events and certainly in …

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Subaru WRX turbo 6

In Feature by fullboost

Spotted on the net this week is Jeff’s super cool Subaru EZ30 powered (3L turbo six) Impreza WRX. “A number of people have asked me what my Turbocharged Flat-6 swapped WRX sounds …