Stick Shift EVO into the 8s

In Drag by fullboost

A 76mm Schwitzer turbo pushing 55psi boost into the Mitsubishi 2L 4G63 engine making around 1100hp. This EVO features a 9in rear end and 4-link suspension. The AWD still features a h-pattern gearbox.

“We’ve known Alex for YEARS, since his first Mitsubishi Evo build and we’ve seen him put MAD hours in to get the car do what it suppose to. He’s event built a drag Evo for his wife while building his own car in the hunt for that eight second pass. The Evo is powered by a 4G63 with a 76mm turbo forcing 56 psi of boost making 1100hp, and it’s even equipped with a ford 9″ rear end. The first pass of the day were only a run through pass heating up the drive line and engine before going for that 8 second pass. Second pass out he reaches his goal by going 8,87!
All the hours and money spent to reach that goal and to see the reactions of the crew and driver after pulling of what he’s been fighting for for so long is incredible! Congratulations Alex, you’ve finally got that eight!”


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