The Red Bull Racing Factory

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Red Bull Racing Factory 2017 Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

From the initial design through to final production, the process of creating and constructing a new Formula One car is a hugely complex task. And this year, more than most, the mission is even more involved. With 2017’s cars undergoing a radical rethink there are fewer elements than normal that can crossover from previous designs to the new generation of quicker, more aggressive looking F1 machines.

It’s in this glaringly intense light that the build of Red Bull Racing 2017 challenger, RB13, has been conducted. With thousands of individual designs for thousands of parts, it’s a fast and furious process, but in true F1 style, it’s all accomplished with precision and methodical calm.

How do we know that? Easy – we went behind the scenes at the factory to see how it’s all being done. And now, thanks to our new video, so can you.