Phase 3 EVO time attack build by Norris Designs

In Dyno, Video by fullboost

The Norris Designs wild short wheelbase Mistubishi Evolution 9 is currently undergoing yet another upgrade featuring their latest version of their twin charged (supercharger + turbocharger) engine setup along with some new aero. The north south mounted 4G engine is backed by a Holigner sequential gearbox and adjustable Nissan AWD system.


Twin-charged 2.24L 4G64 Mitsubishi engine
Garrett GTX4508R turbo, MoTeC M150 EFI.
2000-9000rpm power band zero lag 1250hp.

The older version 2 Twin-charge kit.

“Now air con friendly, less parts, less retail cost, no lag so you can choose any turbo you want and make your little 4 cylinder EVO drive like a turbo V8 on steroids!”