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A true 1990s SLEEPER – Galant VR4

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Kane’s VR4 is a great mix of modern technology enhancing an older platform. A true wolf in sheep’s clothing. Get your fullBOOST track gear! If you’d like to be notified every …

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EVO Squad dyno day

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Held together with the EVO Squad car club, RE Motorsports opened its doors for an open day where everyone was welcome to run their cars up on the dyno. The 4G63 powered …

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Subaru vs Mitsubishi car show

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Fullboost Presents Subaru vs Mitsubishi Car Show 2019 We had a great turnout for our Subaru vs Mitsubishi car show yesterday held at the Caribbean Market. Thank you to everyone who attended …

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Mitsubishi owners meet

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While there’s nothing of interest under the Mitsubishi badge these days, it’s really the cars of the nineties that enthusiasts still gravitate to. X3E Motorsports in Scoresby recently hosted a Melbourne meetup …