Building a 1500hp Billet 20B 3-rotor

In Dyno, Tech by fullboost

Its not often we get to film a Mazda rotary engine on an engine dyno. This 20B 3-rotor engine built by Promaz Automotive was setup to be a responsive allrounder to be fitted into an FD RX7 street car. The engine features Billetpro billet engine plates, a Garrett G45 turbo and Fueltech EFI. We caught up with the team during the tuning process.

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For over 20 years, Australian Mazda performance power house Promaz, has specialised in everything rotary engine powered. From mild street engines to utterly wild race applications, Promaz also carries out complete driveline and EFI tuning upgrades. We caught up with the team while they were piecing together a very high output 3-rotor 20B engine capable of over 1500hp for Rowdys Garage.