Project GSR: Preparing for a track day

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It’s been some time since we introduced our Mitsubishi Lancer GSR. We’d like to utilise the car more, potentially in a motorsport environment. Previously we’ve had fuel surge issues when running the car in a circuit environment. Eager to go run the car again, we decided that a fuel system upgrade was required.

Whilst piecing our list of fuel parts together, we also sourced a new set of tyres more suitable for the car. The Lancer has always used Potenza Adrenalin rubber. These have worn well, but at the track quickly lose grip after a hard lap due to overheating. With that in mind we paid a visit to Bridgestone, where the guys offered up a set of sticker Potenza RE-71R tyres.

Special thanks to:
Motorsport Connections Moorabbin
D’Annello Performance
Bridgestone Australia

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