AWD Silvia Dominates KOTS

In Drag by fullboost

One of our long time favourite stick shift cars, Jason Ruby’s Nissan RB turbo 6 powered S13 has always been a quick all round street package, both in a straight line and at the track.

Taking things to the next level, the guys have added an all wheel drive conversion to the front end. Using a GTR transfer case, this was by no means a simple task in the smaller Silvia body.

In its previous rear drive life the car had dipped into the 9.3-second range at around 150mph, but since these recent modifications early testing has seen the car well into the 5s on the 1/8th mile. Power comes from forged RB25/30 combo boosted by a Precision turbo on E85 tuned by Matt Sims Performance.

At King of the Street #4, the smaller capacity six never really looked like losing amongst a sea of V8 powered vehicles.

Tunnel Vision’s King of the Street #4
Ballarat Airport, Australia – September 2017

1990 Nissan Silvia S13
Nissan RB25/30 3.0L I6
CP Pistons, Spool rods, Tomei cams
Precision 7675 turbo @ 32psi
Haltech Elite 2500 ECU, E85 fuel
R33 gearbox, PPG gearset
GT-R R32 differentials & transfer case
HSD coilovers, MT 255mm radials
Power: Approx 900hp @ wheels
Tuned by: Matt Sims Performance

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