2500hp Blown Hemi Monaro | Hewitt Racing

In Drag, Video by fullboost

By Luke Oxley

One of the angriest sounding Pro Street cars that we have ever seen, the Hewitt Racing Holden Monaro is one of the coolest Pro Street Blown cars in Australia. PSB rules dictate that these cars must resemble and original body shape with a maximum of a ¾ chassis allowed modification.

Craig Hewitt’s 2006 Holden Monaro features a doorslammer style Keith Black HEMI engine boosted by a Kobelco 14/71 superman high helix blower that sees up to 40 pounds of boost. Noonan water jacketed billet cylinder heads help generate around 2500hp.

The Monaro is nothing short of a work of art and so far Craig has been 6.84 and 214mph respectively in the quarter mile, however this time out the guys were racing over 1000ft.

Pro Street 2006 Holden Monaro CV8-Z
HEMI V8 engine by West End Performance
Keith Black block, 521ci
Noonan water jacket billet heads
Kobelco 14/71 Superman High Helix blower @ 40psi
ProTrans T400 2spd trans
Pro Street chassis by ProFab
Tuned by Con @ WAS
Best ET: 6.84 / 214mph
Weight: 1470kg / 3250Ib
Hewitt Racing

Special Thanks to:
Joe @ Profab Motorsport Fabrications
Fred @ Protrans Performance Automatics
Sam @ West End Performance
Con @ WAS Wollongong Automotive Services
Sefton Smash Repairs