1800hp Toyota 86

In Drag, Video by fullboost

We first laid eyes on the Boosted 86 Racing Toyota at the Sydney Jamboree earlier this year, where in a field of Nissan RB and Toyota JZ engines this 86 stood out with it’s 1FZ engine.

For those unfamiliar with that engine code the FZ is essentially a cast iron block 4.5L straight six engine as found in the Toyota Land Cruiser.

To improve operating RPM, the team has de-stroked theirs back to a 4L capacity complete with forged internals built by JW Automotive. Boost comes from a Garrett GTX55 turbo controlled via a Link Thunder ECU. Piloted by Nikki Hepburn, the present combo is good for around 1800hp transmitted through Pro radial tyres, with the long term goal to run into the 6-second zone.

Toyota 86 GTS by Boosted 86 Racing
Driver: Nikki Hepburn
1FZ-DE I6 engine De-stroked 4.0L built by JW Automotive
Garrett GTX55 turbocharger
Link Thunder ECU
Powerglide 2-speed transmission
MT 315 Pro Radials
3/4 chassis built by ET Chassis
Raceweight: 1312kg / 2900Ib
Best ET: 7.29 at 197mph
Thanks to: Boosted Fire, JW Automotive, ET Chassis & Race Cars