TURBO vs SUPERCHARGER | Garage Worx Nissans

In Drift, Video by fullboost

Out with the Nissan four cylinder and in with LS V8 grunt.

It’s hard to beat cubic inches and it’s easy to see why. At a recent Vic Drift practice day we caught up some a few of the guys from the Garage Worx drift team. Both Nissan Silvia’s are still boosted, Thomas’ is Magnuson supercharged while Moe’s is Garrett turbocharged but both have one thing in common, and that’s shredding tyres.

This was Moe’s first time out with the new turbo setup, the car did run a low boost supercharger previously. Now with around 700hp to the wheels, this was enough to literally melt the tyres. homas’ S13 is a very similar build path apart from the supercharged sitting atop of the engine.

Nissan S13 Silvia Nissan S13 Silvia
Owner: Moe Elhaoulis Owner: Thomas Sabo
GM LS 6L V8 engine (forged bottom end)
Ported cylinder heads, upgraded camshaft
GM LS 6.2L by Flowcraft Race Engines
Ported cylinder heads, upgraded camshaft
Garrett GT42 turbocharger, Turbosmart 50mm wastegate
Phat droppers custom steam pipe manifolds
Magnuson supercharger, custom water cooled system, Custom 4-into-1 extractors
Haltech ECU and dash
Aeroflow fuel system, E85 fuel
T56 gearbox, Xtreme twin plate clutch T56 gearbox, Mantic twin plate clutch
Skyline brakes, roll cage by Aussie Steel Fab
BC coil-overs, hydraulic handbrake
GK Tech steering lock kit
Nissan GT-R rear end, Slide Worx wheels
Shock worx coilovers, hydraulic handbrake
Nissan GT-R rear end, Slide Worx wheels
Gk tech lock kit, roll cage by Aussie Steel Fab
Power: 520kW / 697hp @ rear wheels Power: 480kW / 643hp @ rear wheels
Built and tuned by Garage Worx Tuned by Garage Worx built by Thomas Sabo

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