1100hp Honda powered Toyota MR2

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The MR2 that started it all! Back in 2013 these guys took the community by storm making their first appearance at FL2K13. They just put down an impressive 1126whp, making this the worlds highest horsepower street trim MR2

CakesFAB MR2 Mods:
Precision 7285
Sleeved piston/rod Honda k20 engine
Stock port head with supporting valve train by 4piston
IPS cams
PPG dog box gear set
8 ID1300cc injectors, E98 fuel
Weldon mechanical fuel pump
AEM Infinity
DSS pro level axles
Tial v60 wastegate
Tial Q bov
Ktuned billet shifter box and cables
Fabrication, building, and tuning done in house