V8 turbo truck sleeper!

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What do you get when you fit a turbocharged Toyota V8 engine to 1984 Mazda truck? One heck of a sleeper!

Cobbled together from spare parts, the 80’s spec Mazda cab chassis has been retro fitted with an internally factory stock 1UZ 4.0L V8 engine and backed by an A340 auto (valve body modification only). “The turbo is a secondhand GT35 turbo that’s had a screw go through it,” says owner Scott Hoffman. “ The ECU is a $100 second hand EMS Stinger”. Completing the deal is an E85 capable fuel system using ID1000cc injectors and a Walbro pump. The combination is good for 400hp to the wheels on 13psi.


Scott adds, “The rear end ratio is way too short. It’s past peak power in overdrive by half track!” The reason being that this is a delivery truck after all with regular dump runs and firewood pickups.

Scott has owned a bunch of crazy quick street cars over the years including this wild 2JZ powered Toyota Corolla which if all goes well will be back at this year’s Brisbane Jamboree.

The daily driven 9-second Supra.

“In regards to the Corolla I have just finished a rear end upgrade. The engine is now capable of a bit over 1500 engine horsepower using a 92mm turbo, Ice filled intercooler, alcohol fuel system, Autronic EFI and a switch to Pro Radial tyres”.