BMW 335i twin turbo upgrade

In Feature, Video by fullboost

Whether it be Japanese, Australian or European, Nizpro have long had a reputation for knowing how to tweak turbocharged six cylinder engines. This BMW 335i development mule has yielded fantastic performance results with minimal changes . The factory twin turbo N54 3L six six still retains standard engine internals and factory stock turbochargers.

Removing a few of the breathing restrictions including the intercooler, now replaced by a Nizpro front mount and larger piping. Aiding airflow in and out of those small TD03 turbos are VTT intake pipes and VRSF cast dump pipes. The remainder of the exhaust is still factory BMW.

The 3 series was initially run on a mix of E85 and unleaded petrol, but a recent addition of water methanol injection has allowed the car to be now run on straight E85. These modifications have seen standard rear wheel power jump from 162kw or 217hp on 8psi boost to a solid 305kW or 409hp running a peak of 21psi dropping to 15psi by redline, all tuned in-house using MHD Flasher.

BMW 2008 E92 335i by Nizpro Turbocharging
N54 3.0-ltr twin turbo engine – standard internals
Stock TD03 turbochargers with VTT intake pipes
VRSF cast dump pipes, stock cat & exhaust
Nizpro front mount intercooler with custom boost pipes
Nizpro in-tank fuel pump, E85 fuel
Nizpro custom tune using MHD Flasher
Nizpro development ZF 6-speed transmission
275 MH 17 inch race master tyres