8-second manual Holden Commodore

In Drag, Video by fullboost

Not one to back out of a wild pass, Nigel’s mental 8-second D’Annello Performance RB25/30 VL Commodore turbo throws down a few laps at Calder Park on a very cold Melbourne winter day. Putting down over 900hp to the tyres through a h-pattern manual gearbox can prove to be a tough ask at the best of times.

1987 Holden VL Commodore
Nissan RB25/30 3L [ forged internals ] Garrett turbocharger @ 37psi
Wolf V550 ECU, E85 fuel system
Nissan R33 5-speed gearbox [ PPG gears ] Power: 700kW / 940hp @ wheels, 28x9in slicks
Best ET: 8.75 @ 170mph
Built and tuned by: D’Annello Performance

Special thanks to: Ben D’Annello, JL Race Cars, Robbie @ Wolf EMS, Ross Balancers, Direct Clutch Services, Cameron for fabrication work, David Wilson for the gearbox rebuild

Calder Park Sunday Funday Off-street drags – June 19th 2016