Honda Civic budget racer

In Circuit, Video by fullboost

Proving you don’t need to have a big budget to run a quick and reliable track car, BYP Racing’s Honda Civic is a good example of a car built right using many OEM parts. A K-series engine swap puts out around 200hp to the front wheels and some select suspension components have resulted in some impressive lap times.

1992 Honda Civic Si by BYP Racing
BYP K-swap engine package
OEM VTEC K20/K24 engine long block
OEM converted 5 speed gearbox – OEM gear ratio’s
PLM Headers + Shunk2 intake manifold + 70mm Throttle body
Tuned on 98RON – 150kw / 201hp at the front wheels
GAB SS-R 3-way adjustable suspension
Front and Rear adjustable camber kit
PCI Racing front lower bronze bushing kit
32mm Rear hollow sway bar kit
ITR front sway bar
Custom 8 point roll-cage
XT Racing GPX lap timer
Integra Type R 4-stud front and rear
Wheels & Tyres
949 Racing 6UL 15×9 & 15×8 racing
Advan 050 225/50/15 medium compound
Race weight – 1065kg / 2353Ib
Power: 150kW / 201hp @ front wheels
PULP 98-ron petrol


Wakefield Park – 1:04.3
Sydney Motorsport Park GP – 1:41.1
Winton Raceway – 1:33.9
Phillip Island – 1:44.3
Wakefield 300 2015 – DIV 1 3rd place
Winton 300 2015 – 10th outright
Wakefield 300 2016 – DIV 2 3rd place 8th outright
¼ mile – 12.7 @ 107mph

Topstage Advanced Composites VIC Time Attack
Phillip Island, Australia, April 2016