Nissan VR38 powered twin turbo R34 GT-R

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Check out the video build up series on the joint Motive DVD and Powercruise project car build. ERUBISU, which is Japanese for Elvis, is one of the wildest GT-R “Street Cars” ever seen.


With the VR38 mounted in the R34 GT_R engine bay, the next big hurdle is sorting out the drivetrain. We decided on an Albins Sequential Transmission. We took a dummy engine down there for development purposes and took a tour while we where there.

In this episode we install our monster CC Brakes kit as well as piece together the drivetrain puzzle, attempting to join up drivetrain bits from every model of GT-R!

With 4 weeks to get the car ready to debut at Powercruise Sydney , the Erubisu build team had a tough job ahead of them. Did they make it in time to start testing the car on a ridiculous deadline?

After an epic month of ridiculous hours and all nighters, we got Erubisu ready to take to Powercruise 60 to debut. Stage 1 is about 90% complete, with the front shafts not finished in time and the exterior not finished, but it was enough to give the car a shakedown and make sure everything works.