1000hp all motor V8 by Haddad

In Dyno, Video by fullboost

Naturally aspirated big block V8 engines are well known for their very broad power and torque curve. We recently spotted this street engine in the build by Haddad Race Cars & Engines. The 638ci unit features new to market CID cylinder heads and intake manifold as well as an Aussie ICE ignition system. The Chevy will be fitted to a Holden Hq 4 -door street car and owner Kim was hoping for close to a four figure power reading as this Haddad built engine didn’t disappoint!

Chevy big block V8 engine
638ci / 10.45L tall deck 13.8:1
World Merlin III cast iron block
Callies Magnum steel crank, CP pistons
Comp mechanical roller camshaft
CID DM500 cylinder heads & intake manifold
T&D rocker gear, Russell oil pan
JET Engineering custom push rods
ICE Ignition, Avgas fuel
Pro systems SV1 carburetor
Exhaust: 2.25in primaries to 4in collector
Built & tuned by: Haddad Race Cars & Engines