Ford Fairmont Ghia turbo

In Drag, Video by fullboost

With much of the work completed at home, Troy the owner of this Fairmont Ghia has built himself one quick street driven turbo six.

The stock single cam 4L six has been heavily updated in the way of a twin cam Barra 4L.

Tuned by Dyno-Mite Performance the present combination is making around 800hp to the tyres. Impressively the car still uses a 4-speed auto. The BA Falcon sourced BTR was built by Preston Automatics and still features a Tiptronic shifter with Troy still launch the car off the foot brake.

1997 Ford EL Fairmont Ghia [ ELT-747 ]
Ford 4L DOHC Barra I6 turbo engine
Forged internals
Garrett GTX42 low mount turbocharger @ 29 psi
Ford ECU, XCAL tuned, E85 fuel
Preston Automatics BTR 4-speed auto trans
BA Tiptronic shifter, foot-brake launch
Factory Borg Warner diff, 31-spline billet axles, Eaton Truetrac
Wilwood brakes, X275mm radial tyres
Power: 598kW / 802hp @ wheels
Tuned by: Dyno-Mite Performance