Nissan R32 GT-R dyno

In Dyno, Video by fullboost

An icon of the Japanese performance car scene, the Nissan R32 GT-R is still as popular as ever with import enthusiasts. Jake’s street driven Skyline has many upgrades including a Precision single turbo conversion that sees it make strong power on the Allsparks chassis dyno even with traction issues.

Built by JMA Performance, custom Fab by Gihan, special thanks to Kamata Tyre and Auto.

1989 Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R
RB26/30 3L I6 engine
Nitto pistons and rods
Ported cylinder head, custom cams
Precision 76/75 turbocharger @ 35psi
DMC custom 4in exhaust, Hypertune plenum
Haltech Platinum Pro, E85 fuel
Ai SP1200 fuel system, ID2000cc injectors
Stock gearbox & diff, OS triple plate clutch

Built by JMA Performance
Tuned by Allsparks Performance
Custom Fab by Gihan
Special thanks to Kamata Tyre and Auto