Twin Supercharged Toyota 86

In Drift, Video by fullboost

With LS V8 engines literally taking over the world, it’s no surprise to see them in more and more drift cars.

Brad’s Toyota 86 was built at home in 19 months. Everything from the fabrication work to the wiring and wrapping was performed in Brad’s garage. The LS2 engine is a little different in that it’s boosted by twin Rotex superchargers that make up to 700hp.


2013 Toyota 86 GTS
Owner: Brad Tuohy
GM LS2 V8 engine
Twin Rotrex superchargers
Wilson intake, custom exhaust
Race works 2200cc injectors, E85 fuel
Adaptronic ECU, Race technology dash
Power: 500-700hp boost dependant
T56 gearbox, Driveshaft Shop 1000hp axles
IS300 diff with KAAZ 2-way
330mm front brakes, Wisefab arm kit
Custom electric steering, full custom cage
Custom fuel system, boot mount radiator
MCA Red (suspension) JSAI body kit
Achilles 123 tyres

Australian Drifting Grand Prix [ ADGP ] Calder Park, Australia ~ September 5th 2015
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