Honda CR-V turbo SLEEPER

In Drag, Video by fullboost

The Honda CR-V isn’t something anyone would expect to see on any race track. Built at home, Daniel’s first generation example has been taken to another level.

The factory 2L B20 engine has been swapped out for a smaller but higher compression 1.8L Type R unit. Combined with a low boost Garrett turbocharger and E85 fuel the Honda is now pushing over 300 horsepower to the front wheels. In order to save the driveline from breaking the AWD system has been disabled.


1998 Honda CR-V
Honda 1.8L B18C7 I4 engine
Stock internals
Garrett GTX3076R turbo @ 12psi
E85 fuel, 1000cc injectors
Stock CR-V gearbox ( running FWD only )
Power: Approx 230kW / 310hp @ wheels
Nankang 205/70/15 tyres
Built at home
Tuned by: MSC Performance