LSX-GMH turbo dyno & drag

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We’ve shown you quite a few turbo LS Commodores over the years but Chris’ SS is one very sweet sounding street car. We’ll see how it performs on the Allsparks Performance chassis dyno and then see if Chris can put a number down at the track.

Released around 15 years ago, the Holden VX SS Commodore was factory powered by the Gen 3 5.7L V8 engine making around 300hp. Chris’ 2001 example is now upgraded with a larger LSX 7L engine built by Flowcraft Race Engines which features Brodix cylinder heads and a solid roller camshaft.

Boost comes from a Precision 88mm turbocharger, but as the GM computer is still in place boost will be limited to around 20psi. The fuel system is also E85 compliant. Backing up the engine is a Hasty Auto Trans Powerglide, but the weak point at present is the rear end. The factory Holden IRS is retained with the only improvement being a full spool centre.

2001 Holden VX SS Commodore [ LSXGMH ]
GM LSX V8 7L / 427ci engine built by Flowcraft Race Engines
Forged bottom end, Brodix heads
Solid roller camshaft
Precision PT8891 turbocharger
Custom exhaust manifolds, 4in dump into twin 3in system
GM computer, E85 pump fuel
Powerglide trans by HASTY Auto Trans
Standard Holden IRS rear end with full spool centre, MT X275 radial tyres
Dyno tuned by: Allsparks Performance
Thanks to: My Dad Mark for all of his help, Eugine @ Flowcraft Race Engines, Frank @ Allsparks Performance, Luke @ Hasty Auto Trans