1000+hp Supercharged HSV GTS

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One of the quickest late model Holden Special Vehicles’ going around, James Sera’s blown GTS recently ran into the 9-second zone. The street driven HSV is powered by a Magnuson supercharged LSX 427ci V8 engine running on E85 fuel. The car had previously run into the tens with the factory 6-speed manual gearbox and stock internal LS3 engine. Built by Autotechnique [www.autotechnique.com.au ].

HSV E3 GTS by Autotechnique [ BLO427 ]
GM LSX iron block 427ci, 11.5:1
Built by Sam’s Performance
Custom solid roller camshaft
MAST Motorsport heads built to Sam’s Spec
Magnuson 2.3L Heartbeat Supercharger ( 14-15 psi )
DPE 1 7/8 Extractors – 3 inch custom cat-back
VCM / Squash E85 return style fuel system
Promatics T400 3 speed auto transmission
TCE Hi-stall converter, custom 9in IRS rear
Air con, power steering retained
Weight: 4200+Ibs / 1900+kg
Power: 1091hp / 999Ib.ft ( Sam’s engine dyno ) 843hp ( Autotechnique chassis dyno )
Tuned with HP Tuners
Performance: 9.89 @149 mph