BMW 335i turbo

In Dyno, Video by fullboost

Sitting alongside the flagship E90 M3, BMW 335i carries loads of aftermarket potential. Jack’s 2007 model is powered by the award winning direct injection N54 3L twin turbocharged inline 6 producing a very under rated 225kW or around 300hp.

Running a 12.4-second quarter mile with a tune only, Jack has since cranked the stock internal BMW 6 up. Reverting back to a single turbo application using a custom exhaust manifold, a Garrett GTX3584 runs up to 28psi boost via a Precision waste gate. Cooling the intake charge is a large intercooler and water methanol injection kit. This has resulted the car still being able to run on regular pump unleaded fuel.

2007 BMW 335i
N54 3.0L engine [ stock internals ] Garrett GTX3584R turbocharger @ 28psi boost
Precision 48mm wastegate
Custom exhaust manifold, 3in dump, twin 2.5in system.
600x200x127mm intercooler
Water/methanol injection
JB4 PBP controller
ZF 6-spd auto trans built by RVO Automatics
Suspension: M3 control amrs, Bilstiend coil-overs
Nitto NT05 275mm rear tyres
425kW / 570hp @ wheels on PULP

Forced 6 Dyno Day @ Springy Performance ~ May 30th 2015