Toyota 86 turbo by ATP

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The Toyota 86 has quickly become one of the most popular platforms for car enthusiast thanks to a brilliant chassis offering sharp handling at a very low cost. However the downside of that is the somewhat uninspiring boxer engine under the bonnet. With a factory compression ratio of 12.5:1 the 2L flat four doesn’t lend itself too well to boosted applications, but that hasn’t stopped many tuners from having a go.

A great example of this is ATP’s low boost turbo kit. ATP has vast experience supplying custom turbochargers for Subaru boxer engines, all built in house.

With a drive in drive out turbo upgrade package costing around eight to ten thousand aussie dollars depending on spec, the package is offered in numerous choices in the way of turbo application. The turbocharger is a TD05 unit available in both watercooled and non watercooled with a choice of 3 different billet compressor wheels and 2 turbine wheels. A billet actuator regulates boost at 7 to 10psi.

Turbo extractors and a custom S pipe are included with this example using an AVO 2.5in cat back stainless system. A common problem with fly-by-wire vehicles is throttle lag. This has been overcome with a Torque tuner module supplied by Performance Group Australia.

In stock form this 86 only put out less than 110kw to the wheels, let’s see how it does with some boost in it!

Advanced Turbo Performance, Australia ~