Street Sleeper ~ 900hp turbo 6 Ford Falcon

In Dyno, Video by fullboost

A really understated car, Michael’s Ford Falcon took everyone by surprise at the Forced 6 dyno day. Prepared by Tunnel Vision, the single cam 4L turbo had previously make over 500kW on low boost using a manual gearbox on the very same dyno. With more boost and a switch to a Powerglide transmission, the car has also run a handful of shakedown quarter miles passes at well over 150mph.

1992 Ford Falcon EB GLI [ EBT-747 ]
Tunnel Vision Ford 4L SOHC forged engine
Garrett GT42 turbo @ 32psi
TV inlet manifold, 4in exhaust
Haltech PS1000 ECU, E85 fuel system
Powerglide transmission
Factory Borg Warner LSD
Power: 912hp @ wheels
Tuned by: Tunnel Vision

Forced 6 Dyno Day @ Springy Performance ~ May 30th 2015