V8 Supercharged Nissan Skyline

In Burnout, Video by fullboost

Setup as a circuit style track car, we spotted Charlie’s Nissan R32 Skyline recently at Winton Raceway having a little fun. This was the car’s first hit out since completion.

The factory turbo six cylinder is long gone and in its place lies a real torque monster in the way of a 408-cubic inch GM LS V8 engine featuring a cast iron block and dry sump oil system.

Boost comes from a huge 3.3L Whipple supercharger still running off a GM computer and backed by Mal Wood enhanced T56 gearbox and twin place clutch. Power is around 670hp to the wheels on E85 fuel.

Easter Car Mania # 2 ~ Winton Motor Raceway, Australia
April 4-6th 2015