VTEC turbo street Honda Civic

In Drag, Video by fullboost

Turbocharged Honda’s are a rare sight in Australia. Tom’s EK Civic had already dipped into the 12-second zone on street tyres and this time out a set of 24in slicks were fitted.

The car is powered by a 1.8L B-series high compression engine using a Dart block while boost comes from a Garrett GT35/40 turbo @ 15psi. This equates to 305kW or 408hp on pump unleaded petrol. Aiming to improve his short times, Tom had pulled boost out of the lower gears.

Honda Civic EK
Dart B18C 1.8L block
CP 11:1 forged pistons, Manley rod
OEM B18C7 Type R crank
B18C7 Type R cylinder head
Brian Crower stage 3 N/A cams
Garrett GT35/40R turbocharger [ 0.82 ex-housing ] Tial 44mm wastegate, 24.5 x 8in slicks
Spooling Performance turbo manifold & intercooler kit
Custom Integra gearbox by Neat Gearboxes
Engine built & tuned by PSR Tuning [ Hondata S300 ] Power: 305kW / 408hp on 15psi @ 8250rpm [ Pump unleaded ]