1100hp LS3 HSV Clubsport R8 into the 8s

In Drag by fullboost

We’re starting to see more and more seriously quick VF series HSV’s at the track. Aka’s Clubsport R8 is the latest example of that. The car features an Ambrousi Racing built LS3 stroked to 418 cubes at 10:8 to 1 on E85, still using ported factory heads and a Marshall hydraulic roller camshaft. A Harrop 2650 top mount supercharger and Interchiller lift lifts power to 1021 wheel hp tuned by Tommy at Dyno House.

The biggest change is the switch to a PTC 2 speed Powerglide and GJ Drivelines alloy driveshaft. Later model HSV’s are renowned to have very strong rear ends. The R8 is still using the factory 3.7 diff with adjustable coil-overs. The car has gotten quicker every time it’s gone out.

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