Dyno tuning a Midnight Purple V-Spec R34 GT-R

In Dyno by fullboost

Arguably the most popular Nissan to wear the GT-R badge, the Skyline R34 has become a sure fire collectors car over the last couple of years, in particular the V-Spec versions. One of the most sought after models are the Midnight Purple painted V-Spec editions with Nissan only building around 130 examples in this unique colour.

We were lucky enough to film this clean example on the dyno where it was being tuned on E85 by D’Annello Performance. The engine bay is a bit of a time capsule featuring an old school Japanese built 2.7L RB26 and GReddy T88 turbo. New modifications include a Haltech ECU and R35 coils, however the old valve springs were starting to be problematic on high boost. It’s great to see such a desirable car still being driven and not hidden..

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