How to build a responsive 1000hp Nissan RB30 street engine

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With decades of experience modifying Nissan engines, Johnsons Performance Centre is a well known Australian outfit in aftermarket turbocharging. Not only do they build custom turbochargers, but they are also equipped with an engine dyno facility. We sat in on one of their tuning sessions recently where they were finishing up one of their Nissan RB30 street engine packages. The goal here is to achieve a responsive 1000hp.

Now JPC has long been known not to use off the shelf turbochargers, instead creating their own custom units. Generally in street applications the bigger the turbocharger you use the less driveable it becomes. In this instance to counteract this JPC has essentially mated a Garrett GT45 core to a small T3 flange .63 exhaust housing…yes I said .63 T3. Obviously, controlling turbo back pressure is key to utilising horsepower potential. The upside is excellent transient response and fantastic top end. For an engine that will spin close to 9000rpm, this will see 20psi well under 4000rpm. The downside? Because of the very small exhaust housing, this specific application will struggle to be efficient beyond 40psi, but that is more than enough to meet the customer’s goal of a responsive 1000hp street engine. All testing is E85 fuel, with engine tuning is carried out via a Link ECU.

Engine wise this Nissan RB30 is still 3L capacity using a forged piston and rod mated to the stock crank. Like many high powered JPC Nissan engines this one features strengthening bridges. Bridges are essentially a less expensive option to improve bottom end rigidity. Up top the RB has JPC’s Gold cylinder head package. This includes custom porting, roller rockers, studs, head girdle and a solid camshaft. One the inlet side a JPC cast manifold is employed.

Nissan RB30 3L SOHC
Forged pistons & rods, stock crank
JPC bridges & sump, Ross balancer
JPC Golf cylinder head package
Ported cylinder, roller rockers, valve springs
Head studs, solid camshaft, adjustable cam wheel
Custom Garrett GT45/T3 0.63 A/R turbo by JPC
Custom exhaust manifold, Turbosmart wastegate
JPC cast inlet manifold, Plazmaman throttle body
Link EFI, E85 fuel
Built & tuned by JPC

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