Nizpro Marine 450s Supercharger | SEMA 2017

In Feature by fullboost

Officially unveiled at The SEMA Show in Las Vegas, we take a closer look at the technical features of the innovative bolt-on 450s supercharger kit for the full range of Yamaha V6 outboard engines.

The Nizpro Marine program goal was simple – to produce the most powerful 6 cylinder marine outboard on the planet. This goal was achieved with the TVS1900 Supercharger Kit for Yamaha 6 cylinder 4.2L marine outboard engines.

Partnering with Australian performance experts Harrop Engineering on the design, development and delivery of the revolutionary Marine Supercharger, Nizpro Marine share a mutual philosophy of delivering solutions based on excellence in design and manufacturing. Over the past 12 years, Nizpro has been dedicated to delivering race-winning service and performance products through their commitment to product development and innovative technology.

Utilising the latest Eaton Twin Vortices Series Supercharger technology, The 450s bolt-on supercharger system increases torque through the entire RPM range, takes less than 4 hours to install and is compatible with Offshore Series and VMAX SHO.

The supercharger system is not just extremely well packaged and integrated, it’s also engineered to add only 55lbs to existing F & VMAX Series engines, with a power to weight ratio between 0.75-0.81 horsepower per pound. The result is a game changing 450 HP from 5200 to 6200 RPM at 7 psi positive pressure.

Every superchargers is individually tested in-house on a dynamometer with extensive validation testing for reliability and durability.