Twin Engined Toyota Starlet

In Drag by fullboost

It’s been some time since we’ve seen Matt’s very unique twin engine Toyota Starlet. Well Matt has just run a new personal best at the Hidden Valley Drag Strip of 10.58 at 133mph.

With the switch to E85 fuel comes more power. The Starlet is powered by two completely independent Toyota 5E stock internal 1.5L engines. “There’s literally two of everything front and rear. “Two, gearboxes, two clutches, two MicroTech ECU’s and intercoolers etc, running from one fuel tank,” says owner Matt.

A recently change has been the switch from a water to air intercooler in the rear to an under car air to air unit that so far is holding up well. The front engine is boosted by a TD05 turbo at 17psi pushing 225hp to the front wheels while the rear engine is making 301hp to the rear wheels from a GTX2867 turbo at 20psi boost. That’s a combined total of 526 wheel horsepower all via stock engine internals. Matt has weighed the car at around 1100kg.

Matt adds, “The new setup has changed the factory inlet manifolds along with 75mm throttle bodies, 1000cc injectors and Turbosmart products throughout. With some suspension changes in the rear we hope to solve the bump and torque steer issues”.

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