Nitrous Ford V8 engine dyno

In Dyno by fullboost

Frank Marchese of Dandy Engines gives us the lowdown on Speedpro Distributors’ new Ford Windsor small block V8 engine. The engine is fitted in an Ford XD Falcon that has run in the low 9-second naturally aspirated. This new build now features billet cylinder heads by NXTGEN, a Fueltech EFI conversion and a custom single stage dry nitrous system.

Ford Windsor small block V8
461ci stroker, 12.5:1
World Products cast-iron block
Callies Crank, Oliver conrods, custom Diamond pistons
Solid roller camshaft, Jesel .904″ lifters, Russell oil pan
NXTGEN billet cylinder heads, Wilson inlet manifold & throttle body
Custom single stage dry nitrous system
Fueltech FT600 ECU & 8-injector pro harness
Built by Dandy Engines

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