FAST Mercedes-AMG C63

In Drag, Video by fullboost

If we could use one word to describe Brad’s C63 it would be…LOUD.

We’ve seen the AMG at the track numerous times where with the help of a Weistec supercharger system the car had run a best time of 10.56. Brad has since upgraded to their stage 3 platform, albeit limited by the stock fuel system.

Built by Chasers Motorworks and Dyne Performance, tuning by Auto Haus has seen just shy of 690hp to the ground. The guys are still in the process of calibrating the 7spd transmission and this time out Brad was gunning for a 9, so with the help of some weight reduction, slick tyres and cool evening air it was the perfect recipe.

2010 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG
M156 V8 6.2L engine
ARP head studs
Weistec Stage 3 supercharger system @ 13psi
IAH 2in primary headers, custom intake pipes
Stock fuel pumps, injectors and lines
Rebuilt transmission
Power: 513kW / 688hp @ wheels
Built by Chasers Motorworks and Dyne Performance
Tuned by Allen at International Auto Haus
Race trim: rear mufflers removed, 15in slicks, seats removed, MS109 unleaded fuel.
Calder Park, Australia – May 2017

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