Golf Mk1 turbo

In Drag, Video by fullboost

Peter’s Volkswagen MK1 Golf has received a power up in the form of a later model MK4 GTI turbo engine and gearbox, with all work carried out in the home garage.

1977 Mk1 Volkswagen Golf
1.8L 20-valve engine swap from 2003 MK4 Golf GTi
Stock internals and factory K03 turbocharger
Volkswagen EFI with Oettinger enhanced chip, Bosch 044 fuel pump
3in exhaust system, larger intercooler
VW Mk4 GTi 02J gearbox, Wavetrac LSD
All work carried out in the backyard shed.

FAST Friday Off-street drags
Calder Park, Australia, Feb 2017