The E-Charger Hybrid System

In Tech, Video by fullboost

We caught up with Johnathan Goodwin of from E-Charger at The SEMA Show for a run down on how their ‘electronic supercharger’ operates.

The E-Charger is a revolutionary new bolt-on technology that increases power without sacrificing fuel economy or emissions. The E-Charger applies stored energy via the electric motor to assist the internal combustion or compression ignition engine when extra power is needed.


The dual fuel approach allows vehicles to take advantage of the great power delivered at the equivalent of 75 cents per gallon. This 300% cost savings yields not only a product that increases performance but actually pays itself back based on the cost savings of your primary engine fuel type. The E-Charger also utilizes regenerative braking to maximize fuel consumption with up to a 25% increase in fuel economy.

Untold hours of refinement and testing, as well as many miles driven, has proven that the E-Charger system is the only green performance technology that truly can be bolted onto any application. The E-Charger is the ultimate stop gap solution to increase performance, increase MPG, and reduce emissions.

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