Geelong Revival Motoring Festival

In Drag, Video by fullboost

The annual Geelong Revival Motoring Festival is certainly one of the more unique events we’ve been too. Held on the Geelong waterfront the three day event includes a show and shine, trader stands and this year for the first time a Hill Climb, but it was the quarter mile sprint that we were interested in.

Unlike traditional drag based event, cars perform solo passes where the quickest time wins, however on a narrow strip that is curved with a very short braking area, the track is more suited to a well rounded vehicle.

Let’s have a look at how the top 5 placed cars fared over the challenging course.

Daniel’s stock looking RS Liberty is powered by a Subaru 2.5L engine. Boosted by Harrop Engineering’s new to market Ford Mustang 2.3L supercharger making over 600hp to the ground, Joel piloted the car consistently all day. Prepared by Prestige Auto Works, John’s big Audi RS7 is cranking out 670hp thanks to it’s twin turbo 4L V8 engine. The Velvet Sledgehammer ran a string of deep 10-second passes on regular pump unleaded.

Barry’s recently completed WRX track car ran his best pass on the last run of the day. The 2.5L boosted boxer is aided by some smart weight saving measures. Quickest car of the day was the GotitRex EJ33 six cylinder powered 2-door Impreza. The car is very fast on the track and was still in circuit mode so getting a clean launch was key. The Subaru puts down over 650hp to all 4 wheels and was the first car to run into the sub 10-second bracket.