3000hp Ford Mustang

In Drag, Video by fullboost

One of the sexiest looking race cars going around, Dom Luppino’s Outlaw Radial Ford Mustang is nothing short of a work of art.

With a Proline Racing big block V8 engine boosted by twin Precision 94mm turbochargers, the present combo is good for over 3000hp. Power management is the key here with a complete Fueltech system running the show. This time out the team were testing the new MT ET Street 315 Pro Radial tyre with great results.

Outlaw Radial Ford Mustang
PLR 650ci big block V8 engine
Twin Precision 94mm turbochargers
Fueltech FT500 ECU & Wideband meter
Rossler 2-speed T400 trans
Power: Approx 3200hp

Thanks to: Turbosmart, VPW, Sunoco, Quick Latch, Firefly, Protrans, Dandy Engines, Proline Racing, my crew who have always got my back – Jeff, Adrian, Joe, Vince, Nick, Max, Milan and Jamie Miller from the USA

Sydney Dragway, Australia – July 2016