Audi S3 turbo dyno

In Drift, Video by fullboost

High powered Audi’s are not something we come across a lot of here at Fullboost. Gordie’s S3 has been given a serious power injection. The factory 1.8L is fitted with a Golf R crank and forged bottom end. A Garrett GTX3576 turbo, Link G4 computer and E85 fuel is a solid combination for this little street all wheel drive. This was the first time on the dyno on mild boost.

2001 Audi S3 AWD
Factory 1.8L (now 2.0L)
Golf R MkVI crankshaft, CP pistons, Pauter rods
Machining done by Saliba Engines, engine built by owner
Garrett GTX3576R turbocharger, Link G4 ECU
Integrated Engineering inlet manifold, Plazmaman intercooler
Bosch 044 fuel pumps, E85 fuel
Clutch Masters FX450 clutch & flywheel, Sigma 6-speed short shifter
Porsche 6-piston brakes
Thanks to: Shaun Frendo & Michael Tsakmakis for setting up the car and tuning it – VAGlink

Subaru WRX club dyno day @ Weltmeister Eastside