V12 LS1 engine dyno

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A few years in the making, this one of a kind V12 LS1 engine has been pieced together by the Corish brothers at V12LS.com. In essence it’s two GM V8 LS1 alloy blocks and cylinder heads shortened and grafted together using a custom billet crank and camshaft. The beauty of the build is that engine still retains many GM parts. This prototype engine will be heading to the US soon for testing. The good new is the guys plan on making these engines available for sale next year.

We were lucky enough to witness it on the dyno at Dandy Engines where we were surprised at how smooth and easy the engine delivered both power and torque on regular unleaded petrol.

LS1 based V8 engine blocks
519ci capacity / 8.55L, 10.2:1 compression
(Stock LS1 bore and stroke)
3.898″ bore, 3.622″ stroke
Billet crankshaft designed by V12LS.com
Camshaft: Billet Clive Cams hydraulic roller
(228/238 with 0.589″ lift)
Heavy duty valve springs
Custom made copper head gaskets,
Stock unported GM 241 cylinder heads
Modified GM LS1 exhaust manifolds
FAST EZ-EFI throttle bodies
ECU: Haltech Elite 2500
Ignition: 12x LS1 coils

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