9-seconds unopened ~ Ford F6 turbo

In Drag, Video by fullboost

Could this be the quickest stock engine Ford Barra down under?

Anel’s Ford FPV F6 has run into the 9-second zone using factory internals. Bolt-ons include a larger Garrett turbo , PWR intercooler and XFORCE exhaust plus a switch to E85 fuel and a 2-speed Powerglide transmission.

2010 Ford FPV F6 turbo
Stock unopened 4L Barra engine
Garrett GTX4202 turbo @ 25psi
PWR intercooler, external wastegate
XFORCE exhaust
Powerglide 2-speed trans
E85 fuel system
MT 295/45/17 radial tyres
All work carried out by Boosted Automotive
Tuned by Springy Performance
Power: 518kW / 695hp @ wheels