Sound of the 20B Rotary Engine ~ Mazda RX-7

In Burnout, Video by fullboost

Charles’ Mazda RX-7 is one of the wildest rotaries we’ve seen at the track. Power comes from a Promaz bridge ported 20B triple rotor engine and boosted by a Garrett GTX42R turbo running on methanol fuel and backed by a Jerico 5-speed gearbox.

At Easter Car Mania Charles sure gave the Mazda a solid workout. [ ]

Note ~ ECM is a cruising event, therefore competitors are not allowed to ‘link’ corners.

Mazda RX-7 FD
Promaz 20B rotary engine
– Bridge-ported & dowelled
Garrett GTX42R turbo
MicroTech LT16 & LTC Dash
Aeromotive fuel pump & reg
Moran 5000cc injectors
Custom intercooler
Methanol fuel, EGT sensors
Jerico 5-speed gearbox
Custom live axle rear end
Power: 800+hp @ wheels

Easter Car Mania # 2 ~ Winton Motor Raceway, Australia
April 4-6th 2015