Boosted LS, RB30s, Holden V8s and more – Holden Nationals 2022

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With 180 entrants to this year’s Tuff Mounts Holden Nationals and over two days of racing at Heathcote Park, this was the biggest event yet.

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As the temperature increased into the low 30s, track conditions became challenging, so drivers had to alter their power management strategies. That didn’t stop us from seeing a handful of seven second passes. 

Quickest pass of the weekend went to the ever consistent twin turbo VH Commodore of Luke Foley. His best being a 7.84 at 178mph. Adam Rogash also ran a seven in his twin turbo VK Commodore with a 7.9 at 180mph. Adam won the 275 radial class. Charlie Dixons sweet sounding turbo 383cube LS1 Monaro ran deep into the 9s all day Saturday with a 9.3 at 143mph.

There was a tailshaft to be won from GJ Drivelines for the biggest burnout. Both big block chevs and crowd favorites, Nathans Over dose Torana  and Anthony’s AGRO 64 EH Holden were doing their best to impress. Nathan won this one with many going to half track.

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