Raising the bar of Ford Barra Performance

In Drag by fullboost

For someone who just wanted a mild street car, Osman’s KNGFGX Ford is raising the Barra bar every time the car hits the track. Built by the team at Empire Mechanical & Racing, this Falcon has all the right gear, including a Nitto Performance 3.8L rotating assembly backed by a host of Empire Elite top end parts including custom camshafts and spins up to 9800rpm with boost provided from a 106mm Garrett G57 turbo. A Haltech Nexus is fitted and tuned in house. Without Ozzy behind the wheel the car weighs in at around 1800kg so on that math this combo is currently good for around 1900hp.

Backing this is a Powerglide transmission by Powershift, a Hughes Performance bolt together torque converter and a GJ Drivelines carbon tailshaft. The factory IRS has been replaced with 4-link rear suspension still using the factory tubs on 275 pro radials. Keen to crank it beyond 60psi boost, don’t be surprised to see this car run even quicker into the very near future.

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