50+psi BOOST 12A rotary Datsun

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Tim Roads’ Datsun 1200 is proving the smaller capacity 12A rotary engine isn’t dead yet. Huge thanks to #BecauseRacecar for supplying this video.

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The bridge port Mazda still features genuine 12A housing and is fed around 50psi boost by a Precision 76mm turbo. The little ute has dipped into the 7-second zone on a 28×9 pro radial tyre. The car features a G-Force clutchless gearbox and a ladder bar rear end. A MicroTech EFI system is tuned by WA Racing Developments. Its odd stance is due to legacy rules from a racing class known as ozmod, a tyre limited class that originated from our fullBOOST top 10 lists of yesteryear, where standard wheel tubs had to be run to be class legal.

1973 Datsun 1200 Ute
Mazda 12A rotary bridge port (12A housings)
Precision 7685 turbocharger @ 50psi
MicroTech EFI, MoTeC C187 dash, methanol fuel
G-Force GF5R clutchless gearbox, Direct twin plate clutch
9in sheet meetal diff, 35-spline axles, 5.0:1 gears
Ladder bar suspension, 28×9 Pro radials
Best ET: 7.88 /173mph @ 2300Ibs
Tuned by: WA Racing Developments

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