1500hp twin turbo Ford Mustang | ITUF65 returns!

In Dyno by fullboost

We first covered John’s mustang over 8 years ago. Back then, the Ford 4ltr single cam In-Tech 6 featured a unique LPG fuel system by Tunnel Vision.

It would become the quickest LPG car in Australia running an 8.97 at 154 miles per hour. Not long after, John made the switch to fuel injection. On E85, with continued engine and turbocharger development this combination continued to the point where John had improved to an astonishing 8.16 at 172 miles per hour from a full weight streetcar.

Knowing the 6 cylinder was capable of quicker times, John made the decision to remove it from the Mustang and put it aside for a new project. But where did that leave the mustang?

We’d heard John had put a new engine combo in the car, so we dropped into Tunnel Vision to take a look at it getting its first tune up on Tunnel Visions’ new 3000hp hub dyno. The twin turbo small block certainly didn’t disappoint!

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