Toyota Supra power up | DYEVEN

In Dyno by fullboost

Built in just two weeks by G-Force Race Solutions as an Aussie tribute to US spec street Supra’s, this Toyota shows just how strong a 2JZ engine can be in mild form.

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The six cylinder itself has been freshened using ARP rod bolts and head studs but the factory conrods and pistons still remain, while up top the ported cylinder head features Brian Crower valve train components. Originally fitted with a 6466 turbocharger, a larger Precision 6870 unit is now in place along with a host of Australian products such a Turbosmart Wastegate, 6Boost manifold, CPC carbon inlet plenum, Plazmaman intercooler and Haltech ECU.

Toyota Supra | DYEVEN
Owner: Ediz Ozturk
Toyota 2JZ engine, GTE rotating assembly, stock oil pump
Hastings rings, ACL bearings, ARP bolts & studs
PHR oil cooler & breather kit
Pocket ported cylinder head
Brian Crower 276-deg cams, valve springs & Ti retainers
Precision 6870 1.00A/R turbocharger, 4in exhaust with HKS muffler
6BOOST Manifold, Turbosmart 50mm wastegate plumb back
CPC carbon fibre intake manifold, Plazmaman 1500hp intercooler
Haltech PS2000 ECU,Xpurt 1550cc Injectors, PHR Triple Walbro Pump Hanger
Getrag 6-speed gearbox, RPS twin plate carbon clutch.
Built & tuned by G-Force Race Solutions

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