Markus Walcher, a DAKAR 2018 rookie

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The 29-year-old German driver Markus Walcher was selected by the BFGoodrich® Good Project 2017 jury to compete as a rookie in the Dakar 2018.

After the eight Paris-Dakar rallies his father competed in during ’80s and ’90s, it is now young Markus’ turn to carry the Walcher name as high as possible in the rankings and into the history of the most demanding rally in the world. A human adventure to which BFGoodrich® is delighted to contribute by offering Markus a complete package that includes Dakar 2018 registration fees for driver, co-driver and car, together with tyres. The oil will be supplied by project partner Motul.

Markus Walcher will be coached throughout his preparation and then on the spot by the BFGoodrich® Good Project Special DAKAR sponsor, the highly experienced Nani Roma, who will run in the Dakar at the wheel of his Toyota Hi-Lux. On the ground, Marcus will also be supported by Armin Schwartz, who will offer his expert advice.

“We were particularly attracted by Markus’ “rookie” profile. He is a young driver with a good experience behind him whose values are in line with those of the brand and who wants to go all the way,” says Anne-Sophie Jarrige, Marketing Manager for the BFGoodrich® brand in Europe and member of the jury. “We also liked the quality of his video and his good command of social media, where he has a significant following.”

In addition to Anne-Sophie Jarrige, the jury consisted of other representatives of the brand, including the competition team, Xavier Gavory, ASO sporting director, the rally organizer, and Leslie Raiwoit, Marketing Director of Motul, project partner. “It’s fantastic! Thanks to BFGoodrich®, Amaury Sport Organisation and Motul, I can finally realize my dream!” says Markus Walcher. “My father experienced the greatest motorsport adventure eight times. He passed on his desire for discovery and his sense of challenging himself and other competitors to me from an early age. My father, who is now 60, will join me at the Dakar 2018 with his truck Unimog equipped for support, and a team of loyal and skilled friends.”

“With the contribution from BFGoodrich®, Markus Walcher now has the means to succeed in the Dakar 2018 – the only thing we can do now is to wish him the best of luck!” concludes Anne-Sophie Jarrige. “I would like to thank the BFGoodrich® teams for what they do to help young drivers, we need that to renew teams, and I congratulate Markus. BFGoodrich® offers him an amazing opportunity to realize his dream. It is the start of a great challenge. Because it is one thing to want it and be able to start, but it is quite another thing to get to the end! Dakar has to be worked at. I will do my best to support Markus and help him prepare. He can also count on the advice of his fellow countryman Armin Schwartz and the BFGoodrich® experts – it will be
a great Dakar. Congratulations and good luck!” says Nani Roma.

About Markus Walcher:
Markus Walcher is 29 and lives near Stuttgart. He trained as a car mechanic and now works with his father in a bicycle store that employs 80 people. They have created their own brand –
“CARVEN”. He started rallying when he was 16 with a special licence. He participated in the Touareg Rallye in 2015 (5th), the Carta Rallye 2016 (2nd) and the Carta Rallye 2017 (2nd) as well as
the Baja Deutschland.

About BFGoodrich®:
With more than 100 years of history behind it, BFGoodrich® offers tyres for all types of experience from everyday driving to off-road but with a common theme: extreme performance. In Europe and the United States, the brand is associated with the major sports competitions. Present in more than 140 countries, BFGoodrich® is a brand designed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.

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